Weekly Reading | November 8, 2018


I know I've been throwing hella unpopular opinions at y'all, but here's another one: I loved my morning commutes. Yes, you read that past tense right. It's not that I don't love morning commutes anymore; it's that my new job is literally less than ten minutes away by foot, and that's from my literal doorstep (on the third floor) to the staff room door (on the ninth floor) and factoring in elevator wait times and stoplights.

Anyway, yes, I loved my morning commutes because it's 15 to 30 minutes (depending on which office I was going to) of pure nothing. It was time I had to myself to just sit and relax and prepare myself mentally for the day, and since I tend to zone out, I just listened to music, but here's a post about how you can make the most out of your commute. Then, there's a post that explores podcasts more specifically. Finally, if your morning commute isn't enough to destress you, here's a post about packing your very own stress emergency kit.

"7 Lifestyle Podcasts to Start Your Day" via The Scalloped Edge
"The Stress Emergency Kit" via Blush and Fairy Dust


I had a health scare around two years ago during my last year of grad school (makes sense, right?), which forced me to take a good, hard look at how I was treating my body. Of course, at the time, working out was next to impossible with my schedule, so I opted to eat healthier instead. That worked pretty well, and when I finished grad school and started working again, I managed to keep eating healthy and also to work out, but I have to admit: I'm really falling behind on both of those things right now, so these posts have been super helpful and motivating.


For how much I'm blabbing about my life in these Weekly Reading posts, I feel like I should rename them "Weekly Reading and Rants" or something. 😂 I say this because I was gonna go into another spiel about how I'm trying to get back into blogging more regularly even though I talked about that exact thing at least twice in two separate Weekly Reading posts that contained this category, so Imma just let y'all do your thing.

"How to Run a Successful Blog Giveaway" via I Can Build a Blog
"10 Blog Contest Giveaway Ideas" by Susan Gunelius

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How do you spend your commutes?

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