Last-Minute Gift Ideas ft. Basic Invite*

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The holiday season is a time when many of us reconnect with family and friends. I know I, for one, reconnected with many a cousin this year as well as an old high school best friend. Because these are last-minute reunions, these folks are not on my holiday shopping list, especially since I prepare my list months in advance, so since time was not on my side, I found a great alternative: Basic Invite.

My rationale is this: cards are the easiest and speediest way to show someone you're thinking of them without breaking the bank, but my gripe with many store-bought cards is that they're generic and don't really communicate my ~aesthetic~ or my brand of humor. Don't get me wrong; premade cards are great for the occasional thought-of-you gift, but for situations like this where you're rebuilding relationships, I personally would prefer something custom and personalized.

That's why I love Basic Invite for their cute holiday cards that are Truly Custom™. What they mean by that is that they offer (almost) unlimited colors. Unlike the majority of online stationery companies out there, Basic Invite allows us to customize every element on each design from a selection of more than 180 colors, including the recipient addresses on each envelope, which is provided at no additional cost. Even the envelopes come with a whopping palette of over 40 different colors like crowd-pleasing pastels (cream cotton and lemonade) or colors that are more my speed (cranberry and peacock). That definitely beats out a rando card from a grocery store.

Besides that, Basic Invite offers other cool products like a company holiday party invitation and clear business cards and even free websites. Y'all should definitely check 'em out for all your invitation needs, especially right now when they're offering 15% off every order with coupon code 15FF51.

Basic Invite is also on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

What last-minute gifts do you usually give?

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