Level Up Breakfast Time

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Sure, it's been debunked that breakfast is an essential meal, but there's no denying that it's still so damn relaxing to sit down and enjoy some noms - even something as simple as a bagel - with that morning coffee. As a morning person who is also an introvert, I find that my breakfast routine is the perfect time for me to practice self-care and psych myself up for the day ahead, but even a routine lover like me can sometimes get tired of that same old, same old, so here's what I do when I need to shake things up.

Sweet Treats

When I crave something sweet but that Starbucks Cinnamon Morning Bun just isn't cutting it anymore, I tend to want a big bowl of Cookie Crisp or Froot Loops, but your mom is right - sugary cereals are terrible for you. There are so many other options that you can explore that offer many more vitamins and minerals as well as a far more encouraging variation of tastes and textures. The easiest one of those options is to incorporate fresh fruit and grains. They offer the sweet taste and crunchy texture that we crave in sugary cereals, but they make your body way, way happier.

The most frequent way I incorporate the fruits and grains is by adding chopped fruit and nuts or seeds to Greek yogurt. Other times, I throw that whole thing into the blender with ice, cashew milk, and a teeny bit of honey to make a breakfast smoothie. If you have the time, though, you can create your own french toast - bread soaked in whisked egg and some brown sugar and griddled. Throw your fruits and nuts on there and voilà!

Savory Temptations

On the other end of the spectrum is savory breakfast, and this is my go-to on weekend mornings when I can pop on over to Perkins and stuff my face. On weekdays, especially when I teach 8 AM classes, that's just not possible. As delicious as it is, it is not worth waking up at 3 AM for, so what I tend to do is scramble some eggs and make some avocado toast for the perfect protein-filled morning meal. I also recently discovered Mexican scrambled eggs, which is just scrambled eggs with tomato, bell peppers, and chili powder. I don't know why it never occurred to me to do that, especially since these are ingredients I always have on hand. I also recently discovered freshly baked and delivered pretzels from places like https://esprovisions.com. Delicious pretzels delivered to my door? Yes, please!

Leveling up breakfast time doesn't have to be difficult! It's just a matter of giving your body what it craves, be that something sweet or savory, without compromising your health. Think about it: breakfast is the first substantial thing you put in your body for the day. If you put in something unhealthy, that's how you'll feel for the rest of the day, but if you rush to make something elaborate, it'll also throw your entire day off, so hopefully, these simple ideas help you with your breakfast game!

How do you level up your breakfast?

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