Weekly Reading | April 23, 2020


Everyone is on high alert with their physical health and wellbeing nowadays, checking temperatures and tracking symptoms, but don't forget to keep an eye on other aspects of your health as well, like your reproductive health and your mental health. Make use of available online resources as much as possible to flatten the curve and leave all available health resources to folks who really need them.

"How Chronic Illness Affects Relationships" via Kate the (Almost) Great


While we, as responsible citizens, do our part to fight the pandemic by social distancing, we can still dream about and plan for vacations. These lockdowns will be lifted eventually. We just need to be patient. The less we care about social distancing, the longer we will all have to do it.

In the meantime, we can all live vicariously together through some blog posts from the Before Times.


Other things you can do to keep yourselves occupied and indoors include (window) shopping! Finances are tight right now across the board, but we can still indulge in the pastime of Adding to Cart but Not Actually Buying.

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What do you miss the most about the Before Times?
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5 Life Issues You Need to Stop Ignoring

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In these uncertain times, it's easy to get overwhelmed and shut down. Challenges and problems, most of which are completely out of your hands, seem to crop up by the day. Push them all out of your mind for a bit. Take a minute right now to just breathe...in...and out...in...and out...in...and out.

While some issues can wait, some really require more attention. For example, one small issue for me is that I need my gel nails removed, but that's not exactly a pressing issue for me. On the other hand, something like my vision changes is an issue I need to keep an eye on.

(Puns intended. ๐Ÿ˜‡)

What's been happening is that I've been noticing blurry vision, as in blurrier vision than my already-pretty-bad vision. I also sometimes see what I think are flashes, and a quick Google search shows that retinal detachment is a possibility. That sounds rare and far-fetched, right? Yes, except that at my last eye exam, the ophthalmologist (phew) mentioned something about partial myopic retinal detachment, but she's not too worried about it yet, so these developments warrant more attention than my nails.

What else should you be paying attention to?

Physical Health Changes

Millions of people are affected by changes in vision, not just me. That and changes in hearing are so common that many people tend to overlook them. However, remember that the ability to see and hear is incredibly important. We take them for granted, but these two abilities help us navigate the world with more ease than for many other folks, so even when the change is minimal, investments such as reading glasses are vital. Not only do they slow the regression, they also prevent headaches and other forms of discomfort.

Mental Health Changes

With the global lockdown, we have been coming up with incredible ways to maintain our sanity, from that Hamster PSA TikTok to that family who came up with the Quarantine Olympics, but sometimes, what you're feeling might be bigger than just the lockdown. Here are some signs to look for:

๐Ÿ˜ถ You've lost interest in activities you usually love and never miss, such as cooking or scrolling through social media.

๐Ÿ˜ด You know you need to get up to go do something, but your body doesn't want to move. It feels like your body's not listening to your brain.

๐Ÿ˜ฒ You feel a sudden sense of dread, urgency, or panic but for no discernible reason, or you feel overwhelming panic over matters that are usually trivial to you.

If possible, reach out to a mental health professional to talk through these issues. If not, reach out to family and friends. Other people might be feeling the same way or have felt the same way and can help you out.

House Issues

With all of this insanity going on, it's easy to turn a blind eye to faults in your property, especially if they pose no immediate danger. However, they will need fixing at some point, and even seemingly small issues can cause damage to other parts of the property. Whether it's treating damp spots, small leaks, or cracks in the wall, it will still restore the positive atmosphere throughout the home and save you from potential nightmares down the line. Besides, now that you're at home all day, that leaky faucet has probably become twice as annoying.

Money Issues

It's scary to think that millions of people have been laid off at this point, and that's just in the U.S., and folks who are still employed might still have experienced hour reductions or just flat-out salary reductions, as businesses cope with the economic downturn. At the moment, even if you're not affected monetarily, it's still safer to reduce your outgoings, at least in the meantime, until we ride out this pandemic.

Relationship Issues

Another scary statistic is how the divorce rate has spiked, now that couples are trapped together indoors for the foreseeable future. I'm single right now and live alone, but I can only imagine what it must be like if I had to be in my studio apartment with the same person 24/7. On the flipside, though, this time together or alone is time you can take to reevaluate your relationships, not just romantic ones but platonic friendships as well. Whether it's a disruptive romance or a toxic friendship, now's the time to take a step backward and reevaluate: does the relationship cause you more harm than good? Is being in the relationship causing you stress? If you're not living with the person, this might be the perfect opportunity to start removing yourself from that relationship.

How are you coping with the lockdown?
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