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Welcome to ExtraExtravagant.

My name is Sockwun [sɑkwun], and I have been a blogger for about nine years. My blogs have all been personal ones, chronicling my everyday antics, but I have decided that it is time for a change. After all, after eight years of the same stories, it probably is best to move on to a new niche. Of course, Sockskcos, my pride and joy of a personal blog, will still be around. I will still post on there as ExtraExtravagant is reserved for beauty blogging.

Yes, you read that right - beauty blogging! After some encouragement from my sister, who is a beauty blogger, I have decided to do the same. Besides, my personal blog is full of beauty content already anyway. I receive monthly Birchboxes and Glam Bags, the reviews of which will make up a majority of my posts. My goal is to actually post weekly, so the other two weeks out of the month will be filled with reviews, recommendations, and random raves.

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I am currently working on a YouTube page so follow me to be notified of updates.


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  1. I followed your blog (why wasn't I before now?!) and double-checked that I had all your social media sites (which I obviously did). I'm so happy that you're also moderating HCBN!

    HCXO♥ emma